The Importance of Supplement Quality Assurance

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The current dietary supplement market is dominated by two main categories: those that are derived from herbal extracts and those that are manufactured using petrochemicals. While supplement manufacturers can create effective products without relying on traditional manufacturing methods, many choose to use supplement manufacturers petrochemical processes to create their supplements. The main reason behind this is a desire to produce pharmaceutical grade products that meet the highest standards of quality and purity. However, some companies may have an easier time getting products to market without the need for petrochemical processing.

In addition to having a strong pharmaceutical background, some supplement manufacturers may choose to avoid petrochemical processes because they are not interested in the expense, energy and convenience of these processes. Many have determined that being able to control every aspect of the manufacturing process reduces the amount of effort and time required to master these specialized skills. Some companies have chosen to make their own recipes and ensure that these recipes are consistent with FDA and state regulations. For example, many supplements are available in single forms and with complete instructions on how to use them.

Many CBD manufacturers do not feel that the expense and process involved with developing products offer any benefits over petrochemical processing. While some supplement manufacturers are open to developing their products using only natural ingredients, others are not willing to invest the time and effort into building a product from scratch. In addition, many companies are finding that it is more cost efficient to purchase CBD online than it is to develop their own ingredients. If a company chooses to offer dropshipping services with a private label product, it is important to ensure that these services are consistent with company policy.

A good CBD supplement manufacturer will work closely with their manufacturing laboratory to ensure that the formulation is as pure as possible. A pure CBD product should not contain any synthetic chemicals, solvents, fillers, or sugars. In addition, the final batch of product produced by the manufacturer should be consistent in consistency with the batches produced during the testing and approval process. Some supplements are able to pass all of the primary quality control measures of the FDA, but may still have some minor production variation. In order to maintain consistent quality throughout the product development and launch, a quality control monitor should be used who is familiar with the procedures followed by the manufacturer.

Some of the additional benefits provided by CBD product quality monitoring are product safety and ensuring that dosage levels are met. The packaging used in shipping and handling is an important factor in product quality. Package designs which provide a tight seal but do not adequately warn of a potential hazard or demonstrate adequate labeling are likely to result in product failure. Furthermore, product quality management includes the labeling and packaging.

Many supplement manufacturers depend on third party factories to supply them with raw materials. While most supplements can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, in some cases raw materials may need to be imported into the country of origin. Importers of raw materials should be able to provide documentation describing the origin of the ingredients and the quantities in each shipment. This information is necessary to ensure that the dietary supplements are not mislabeled or contain ingredients which would not be allowed if sold locally. Finally, third party importers should be able to provide assistance to supplement manufacturers during the import/export process. They should be available to answer any questions regarding shipping procedures, documentation, and the status of their products at any time.

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