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All of us know the right ways to get attention. Wearing the right kind of necklace can be easy for some and the most difficult thing for others. A necklace will help you get the most attention and look good too. Personalized Jewelry However, not all of us know that there are a certain set of rules that are good to be followed. They will help you in finding what is best and what will look good. The rules are based on the length of the necklace that is to be worn.

The first in the category is the collar necklace. They are usually 12-13 inches long and are perfect to be worn in elegant parties or a formal gathering. It can be worn with a blouse that has a thick neck that shows your neck. To make the best of them wear an off-shoulder or a v neck to make the most of it.

If you are looking forward to draw attention towards your neckline then wear a necklace that is 14-16 long. number necklacesIt will make people have a look at the necklace and unable to get their eyes off them. The most common length is 17-19 inches. While wearing the same you should always keep in mind that the collar should be always in accordance with the necklace. It should not happen that you necklace starts where your collar starts from. A little overlapping is considered to be good.

However, when ever you buy a necklace try and imagine the same with the dress or the outfit you are planning to wear. The occasion plays a special role for each and every piece of jewelry that you wear. It should always be kept in mind for the number of times that you want to wear it, for example if it’s something that you want to keep for special occasion or if it something that you want to wear while going out with friends on weekends.

The durability of the stones and the length should be given special consideration too. it is also important that you buy something that will look good on you and the color of the stones on the necklace should not only match the color of the dress but should help in getting a glow on your face. Wear something that will look good on you and help you get the extra compliments every time that you wear them. try shopping online as you might be able to get a lot of discounts and special deals that will not only help you save on your hard earned money but will also help you get all the special designs to choose from the same.


Trends in jewelry change quickly just like wind changes its directions and in fact nowadays people love to wear trendy fashionable jewelry. Lately it has become very popular to buy seasonal, hand made, fine jewelry as per the fashion running. There was a time when jewelry was counted as women’s stuff. However it’s history, today men are also keen to wear designer jewelry.

Jewelry fashion is one of the hottest markets and players in this field are offering vast ranges of products like designer jewelry, necklaces (gold, silver and diamond), and hand made fine jewelry, gold pendants, silver rings, and diamond pendants etc. There is a massive variety available in the market and lots to choose from if you are a trendy person with interest in latest fashion.

Here in this article we’ll try to discuss the best way to buy latest fine jewelry at wholesale jewelry prices which not only cut your costs down, will also give you wide range to choose from sitting at home. This way you can get jewelry at darn cost effective price.

Consumers these days want to cut the costs on buying designer jewelry stuff, hence finding various modes of buying where they can get the jewelry at cost effective prices which has given birth to Auction sites. There are un-countable jewelry auctions which are running on the web attracting trendy buyers of latest jewelry, however it’s not really a good idea to buy from just any online jewelry auction, and it is advisable to do a bit of research before buying from any website. I would recommend buying from reliable auction sites which are known in jewelry auctions.
Fashion magazine are discussing a lot about online jewelry auctions and even Hollywood has been recently too much involved in buying via jewelry auction sites for all kind of designer jewelry, nature based seasonal jewelry and silver based jewelry is also very popular now.

The best lucrative attraction for buying through online auction is that unlike show-rooms, jewelry shops, malls where you can see jewelry products only from one or two, at online jewelry shops or auction sites you can see stuff from various sellers at one place, hence offering you vast range to choose from the sellers all around the globe and that to at very cheap prices.

There has been lot of competition in jewelry selling since last few years, due to which sellers have started listing their jewelry at auctions sites and unbelievably lot of stuff which is worth hundreds and thousands of dollars is being auctioned at starting price of as low as $1. You must be thinking this is incredible but it’s a fact, you can bag good bargain taking part in these kinds of auctions. Many of the reliable jewelry auction websites have huge member base, where you can see lots of people bidding on the listed jewelry auctions.

Majority of jewelry auctions includes necklaces, gold pendants, silver rings, gold rings, silver necklace, diamond pendants, diamond rings, silver, gold and diamond bracelets, designer jewelry, nature inspired jewelry. Most of time the jewelry listed at auctions is from jewelry wholesalers where you can get the jewelry at sometimes even at 50% cost of market price due to the fact you will be buying directly from wholesalers. I have many of family members, relatives, colleagues and known people who take part in jewelry auctions and have been happy with bagging the bargains which they could not even think of getting at live jewelry stores.

The only concern or things you need to be cautious about is choosing the right auction site, which are reliable, known in jewelry auction market and with genuine real sellers. If you are at right auction, bidding at right place jewelry, then you have brighter chance of buying your choice of designer jewelry at very competitive price.

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