A Look At GIA Lai Specialties

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GIA Lai Specialties is the best way to enhance your health, wellbeing and beauty. They are made by trained, experienced and talented chefs. The only way to describe GIA as “ourmet” is to tac dung cua mat ong say that it is the best for the health and beauty of its user. The main aim is to produce quality, nutritious and healthy tea leaves by following strict rules of natural preparation.

GIA Specialties in the hospitality industry has a wide range of offerings. These range from foodstuff to skin care, from detox programs to facials and also spa treatments. They are committed to creating a positive change in the lives of others. Their range of services not only address physical health but also spiritual and personal growth.

GIA Specialties in the beverage industry focus on organic, fresh and naturally flavored beverages. They are very much aware of the fact that most people prefer to enjoy a beverage rather than a meal. The beverages produced by GIA are fragrant, invigorating, soothing and at the same time energizing. They are also full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, essential oils, and polyphenols. The main ingredients used are green tea, pomegranate, mulberry, ginger, lemon and black pepper.

GIA Specialties in the cosmetic industry is quite extensive. It includes skin care, hair care, anti-aging care, makeover care and perfume care. Their beauty products like lotions, creams and makeup are unique and are also safe for the skin. These products are made without using any form of harmful chemicals or preservatives. They are also made of natural ingredients that are good for your health and beauty.

GIA Lai Specialties in the wholesale sector specializes in wholesale cosmetics, wholesale food products and wholesale herbal products. They also offer retail supplements and body care products. GIA Lai Specialties in the wholesale industry sells a variety of cosmetics including foundation, blush, lip glosses, eye shadows, blushers, eyeliners, lash extensions, lotions, makeups, body wash and lip gloss. They also manufacture some exclusive items. These include scented soaps and shampoos, coffee fresheners, flavored chewing gum, and a variety of saltwater and frozen snacks.

GIA Lai also provides training to the associates of their company on how to operate in the wholesale and retail industry. The associates will have hands-on training by attending courses given by GIA consultants. This is done through seminars and workshops.

GIA Lai also makes accessories like drinking straws, tea infusers, tea lights and mugs. Some of these accessories include travel bags, jewelry bags, key rings, money clips and travel wallets. Other accessories also available are sachets, eye rinses, lip balms, soap bars and shaving kits.

GIA Lai also sells its own range of teas that come in different blends. These include green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, and yerba mate tea. These blends are popular because of their health benefits and are loved by people across the globe. Other offerings include a variety of flavored gourmet teas, specialty chocolates, specialty coffees and other specialty teas.

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