Alarm clocks That Would Help Heavy Sleepers

alarm clock

Heavy sleepers are people who do not hear the sound of the alarm in the morning. They would snooze off the alarm, and this would ruin their day. There are various types of alarm clocks that make sure that you wake up the right time. There are various factors that the alarm clocks consider so that they do miss out people and wake them in the morning for sure. The tone of the alarm clock, its proximity is essential as it makes sure that it can wake up you at the right time. A vibrating alarm bracelet would be a lifesaver for heavy sleepers. This device is ideal for people who want to wake up without disturbing others who sleep along with them. It only wakes the person who is wearing the bracelet.

Sonic Bomb Clock
This is a special type of alarm clock where it does not make use of loud noise to wake you up; it shakes the bed with great force so that you would get out of the bed for sure. You can place them under your mattress or pillows so that they vibrate when it’s time for you to wake up from sleep.

Ruggies Alarm Clock
This is a perfect alarm clock for lazy people who snooze out their alarm and sleep again. This alarm can be out off only when you stand upon it and put your weight on the device. Thus you’re forced to get out of the bed. Once you get out of the bed, then there are fewer chances that you go to sleep again.

Sonos Play 1
You can install this type of alarm away from your bed so that you have to get up from the bed to turn it off. The volume of the alarm sound gets increased, so you’re forced to put it off.

The above are some of the alarm clocks that would be of great use for heavy sleepers.