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Discover all the major leagues

Compete for the national title with teams from licenced leagues

You can choose from among 110 teams in the 3 official national leagues in Spain (Liga ASOBAL), Germany (DKB Handball-Bundesliga) and France (LNH), or pick one of the 31 national teams available in the game and make your own European Handball Championship!

Customize players, tactics and competitions

Want to step up a level? Shape your player to your needs!

With IHF Handball Challenge 14, you are able to create your own player, from name to apparence, get ahead from amateurs to professionals by unlocking skills among a thirty and become a true champion! You can also create your own leagues and even tournaments!

Enjoy dynamic gameplay

Adapt your attack and your defense with new features

You are trailing and the match is almost over? Quickly intercept the ball and run a fast break for the win! Use new options in defense and offense and change your tactics in real time or in a timeout! You can also take advantages of a wide variety of movements (8 types of shots like lob shots and spin shots, various passing options, several defensive moves, etc.).

Feel all the emotions

Enjoy authentic commentaries and tv-like presentation

Well-known handball commentators like world star Magnus Wislander and TV-expert Bob Hanning comment on every action you take.
Seven detailed arenas, emotional Close-ups and action replays
capture the handball specific atmosphere.

The first official handball simulation
is back on PC and consoles

Up to 4 players: challenge your friends on PC, Xbox 360® and Playstation®3!

Meet the fans

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